Attention: Scopely and PC you want real feedback here you go

I took the last 3 days putting together info from people across the game (I asked none from my faction so there wasn’t a lopsided need)

With 5* weapons out now…the rest of the game needs updated to keep up and remain playable with all the other aspects.

Here is a list of ideas or features that need updated before any other major updates are made to game.

Let me be honest for a second, you’re losing people…for no other reason besides decisions are made that people can’t seem to make sense of, S class stuff was going well for the most part with how to get the collectibles. You guys rip out the 3200 crate from museum for no reason other then greed. I seen people spending again because you were making it more accessible for everyone then you did that, doesn’t make sense…you did yourself no favors doing that but anyways.

Here’s a list of the following:

Do not get rid of the 3200 crates, you’re now punishing your spenders for spending…but create a way to allow F2P to use red velvet cakes as well.

Update Prestige and Prestige crates they are 3 years old extremely out of date.

Update wheels again its been 4 months (we were told would update every 4 months)
5* toon wheel include choice boxes (250 or so items) not just 5* toons, or make S class items cost 3x the amount of 5* tokens. So 30,000 tokens get you 1000 S class items.

Update Depots all of them were updated but they were honestly poorly done nothing major was done.

Expand roster size
Expand townhall cap level
Expand town size
Increase food cap
Increase wood cap

Make use of bronze, silver, and gold radios
Ultra rare gear map?
Epic gear map?
Legendary gear map?
Or use them for S class items. Just use resources you already have to update current things.

Scavenger missions need a complete overhaul.

Museum needs overhauled (make use of museum points)

Update Faction Assault or give us more faction assault events. Assault tickets were a great idea but became a waste the minute people realized it took a year to get Tara.

Allow players to accumulate their daily SC pulls so if they have it for 100 days they can pick a toon they know they need/want and can get with 100 pulls new max (A token that should be given out with daily prestige crate or during that time) that would drive up your sales on SC by a ton, and it can be done your Looney Toons game allows it.

The daily maps there should be 2 each day and every day, here are some ideas:

4* weapon Parts
5* weapon parts
Trainer map.
Legendary gear map
Ultra rare gear map
Epic gear map
XP map
Workshop map
Refills map
S class map
Ascendance token map
Food run
Mod scrap map
4*/5* weapon token map
Mystery mod roadmap (platinum/gold/silver/bronze)

World map farming needs an overhaul…rare items should drop every so often shouldn’t have to buy every single one of them to keep up with playing.

Territories have never worked properly; it cannot be impossible to fix them…but while fixing them they need updated as well.

Something like this:

Armory Tokens x8
League Tokens x8
NEW Legendary gear token wheel x6
Torches x2

Every hour.

Trainers need upgraded update to the 6* S class economy.

Arenas need fixed overall.
Rings also need to start being thrown in milestones or a way to achieve them outside of leagues.

Allow for training grounds to be deleted or reset incase of them getting locked.

&&& prizes need fixed (I think there should be 4 levels of items given now not 3) again updating to the current economy of the game.

There’s more and I would love for people to post their opinions and ideas here…but there is no way that the game should be in S class toon stage, but 5* trainer stage, with 5* weapons but farming for items is in 3-4* days.

Thanks for your time.
Pass along to the team.
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Very good post man. They truly need to update many aspect instead updating where they see they can make more money. Players going keep leaving if they only focus on bags and toons. So good post


Yea but VV or Gov didnt say it so since this is a post by Gov it should be fixed/updated/changed soon. @Gov thanks bruh! Rec the post @Stasha shared also, many great ideas there. Take it to the team.


@LadyGeek @GR.Scopely

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You forgot add a win bonus to war.
Actually, never mind


Was written or put together by @Sawyer_Northman
Not me

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Imo this post was put together better
The other post left out some important things this one didn’t
But I’m sure it will fall on deaf ears
The classic scopely move of 1 step forward 10 steps back will always take place until it’s too late
Wish they actually listened to their player base


I havent spoken in a while, but heres my addition. none of this will matter. they’ve already reset the game by adding s-class. 6* are the new 5* and now they reset our weapons. just sit back and enjoy the drive off the cliffs edge.


What is this? #playersunited 2.0? Stop copying Bane

Also read here about some of same bit different issues didn’t see that post until told about it:

Hey all, I just wanted to provide everyone with an update to the forums post.

We have added a suggestion/feedback section to the post. We have had some great ideas suggested and requested. Please keep continuing to speak up, add suggestions, ideas and opinions. If you agree with these changes please log in and show your support to the forum post, we have to all stand together united if we want any of these changes and the best way for us to get it is to be very vocal and loud about it. Make yourselves heard and thank you :slight_smile:

[Edited in suggestions/feedback by popular request]
this is a living document that is subject to changes and edits based on feedback from the community

  • War depot
    This would be a new featured depot to use the new permanent War Tokens. You would be able to use these tokens aside from the War wheel for various useful war related items like war cans, mods, 6* gear, trainers and choice box collectibles. This is a great alternative to those not needing what is in the war wheel.

  • War crates
    The community would like the 20 blues keys to be switched to support multiple S class collections beyond just limited to S class Pete.

  • League Tokens
    Another solution to help the gear crisis would be to increase the amount of league tokens received from leagues and milestones.

  • Red velvet cake collection
    We would like more free to play friendly options for red velvet cake collections in the museum.

  • S class collectibles
    All S class items should be available to all players at any time. Not by Scopely selection.

You can find it all here:


I like everything here. We like the game make it enjoyable for all players again. Nothing sadder than watching people leave out of disappointment yet seeing gate after gate followed by glitches and bugs. Take the wheel only Scopely can make it better, show us that you care.

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Good effort and I hope it works, unfortunately we were all duped by their promises letter.

Scopely hasn’t changed at all imo. They updated most of things we asked for, knowing full well they would be obselte shortly there after (you can’t tell me they didn’t know about the five star armory before introducing new player levels with four star weapon armory items).

It’s really shitty because while we are at another complete reset (s class, platinum mods and five star weapons), the game is still enjoyable and the changes could be implemented without them being so greedy. Alas, we know that won’t happen.

I’m hopeful your post works, but skeptical.




People were fooled by the letter? I doubt many fell for it after the first letter and how scopes has acted in past. I gave up on scopes changing and have enjoyed the game more. Of course I only tapjoy and never spend cash so that may help me cope with how greedy they are.

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You’re prob right but it did seem like they made the effort to update a lot of the content. And they did, but did it knowing that it would be outdated very quickly.

Your Thanos memes I freaking love em

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Same old song and dance. Like the black flags you know they are totally worthless now since they gave us unlimited ones in that Michonne event. Any time they give there is a caveat.

I Wish you best of luck with this agenda of yours. Do you want to take over the PU twitter account now that you are at it? :blush::blush:

If yes just PM me for username and password.

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