Attention Scopely: 1 MONTH LATER; nothing has happened

Not directed at PC any longer although they can pass the feedback along, let me start by saying I know I’m possibly wasting time posting this again…but now you’re selling S class directly in the pulls, maybe if you would offer 3200 cards in crates and keep the crates UP TO DATE, people would pull more but that’s too logical for y’all to understand that 10000 people spending 100 dollars is better then 100 people spending 200 dollars.

Will continue to post this every month if I remember and update it. So…
Repeat of last post** with things added**

I took the last 3 days putting together info from people across the game (I asked none from my faction so there wasn’t a lopsided need)

With 5* weapons out now…the rest of the game needs updated to keep up and remain playable with all the other aspects.

Here is a list of ideas or features that need updated before any other major updates are made to game.

Let me be honest for a second, you’re losing people…for no other reason besides decisions are made that people can’t seem to make sense of, S class stuff was going well for the most part with how to get the collectibles. You guys rip out the 3200 crate from museum for no reason other then greed. I seen people spending again because you were making it more accessible for everyone then you did that, doesn’t make sense…you did yourself no favors doing that but anyways.

Here’s a list of the following:

Do not get rid of the 3200 crates, you’re now punishing your spenders for spending…but create a way to allow F2P to use red velvet cakes as well. (Maybe you should reconsider)

Update Prestige and Prestige crates they are 3 years old extremely out of date.

Update wheels again its been 4 months (we were told would update every 4 months) (5 months now)
5* toon wheel include choice boxes (250 or so items) not just 5* toons, or make S class items cost 3x the amount of 5* tokens. So 30,000 tokens get you 1000 S class items.

Update Depots all of them were updated but they were honestly poorly done nothing major was done.

Expand roster size
Expand townhall cap level
Expand town size
Increase food cap
Increase wood cap

Make use of bronze, silver, and gold radios
Ultra rare gear map?
Epic gear map?
Legendary gear map?
Or use them for S class items. Just use resources you already have to update current things (platinum mods or armory tokens)

Scavenger missions need a complete overhaul.

Museum needs overhauled (make use of museum points) (armory tokens/platinum mods)

Update Faction Assault or give us more faction assault events. Assault tickets were a great idea but became a waste the minute people realized it took a year to get Tara.

Allow players to accumulate their daily SC pulls so if they have it for 100 days they can pick a toon they know they need/want and can get with 100 pulls new max (A token that should be given out with daily prestige crate or during that time) that would drive up your sales on SC by a ton, and it can be done your Looney Toons game allows it.

The daily maps there should be 2 each day and every day, here are some ideas:

4* weapon Parts
5* weapon parts
Trainer map.
Legendary gear map
Ultra rare gear map
Epic gear map
XP map
Workshop map
Refills map
S class map
Ascendance token map
Food run
Mod scrap map
4*/5* weapon token map
Mystery mod roadmap (platinum/gold/silver/bronze)

World map farming needs an overhaul…rare items should drop every so often shouldn’t have to buy every single one of them to keep up with playing.

Territories have never worked properly; it cannot be impossible to fix them…but while fixing them they need updated as well.

Something like this:

Armory Tokens x8
League Tokens x8
NEW Legendary gear token wheel x6
Torches x2

Every hour.

Trainers need upgraded update to the 6* S class economy.

Arenas need fixed overall.
Rings also need to start being thrown in milestones or a way to achieve them outside of leagues.
Added** Arena tickets should be more accessible

Allow for training grounds to be deleted or reset incase of them getting locked.
(Should be able to make trainers bradys, basils, and Benedict’s && the timer not be ridiculous)

&&& prizes need fixed (I think there should be 4 levels of items given now not 3) again updating to the current economy of the game.

There’s more and I would love for people to post their opinions and ideas here…but there is no way that the game should be in S class toon stage, but 5* trainer stage, with 5* weapons but farming for items is in 3-4* days.

Thanks for your time. (For the second time)
Pass along to the team. (For the second time)

@GR.Scopely @DZ.Scopely

People have stop spending like they have over one simple fact…when you buy something now on this game you’re only buying 1/4th of what all is needed for the toon to be completely useful that being the 2, 5*s to get to S class toon, fodder, gear, weapon upgrades.

You guys are only strangling yourself when it comes to that aspect of the game. No one wants to buy something then wait a month for the gear, then another month for the weapon.

Anyone from F2P-P2P to people who don’t care anymore will tell you that. We the players don’t care if you make money and how much…to be completely honest…my best friend tells me all the time you will catch more flies with honey then vinegar.
Try making things accessible and showing you care a little and people will indeed open up their wallets but instead of it being the top 1% it’ll now be the top 3% or 5%.


Agreed on all of that, perfect post


Let me be honest for a minute. They plan on sinking the game so the more people that leave the easier their job becomes.

That aside, well written post with alot of valid points, if only the powers that be cared.


I think a major problem with the game is that it has become WAY too grindy. It’s just not as much fun anymore with the 876567 roadmaps.

Who’s got time for all that shit?


I won’t lie…that gets on my nerves…lol @Carl440

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Seriously stole that from me lol i need to start tradmarking things. No but, for reals idk why scopely doesnt understand that

Imma be the 1st to say tht Benedict’s should be farm able like be able to be trained like trainers. This 2* shit is ridiculous and forcing people to buy offers and its a never revolving cycle.

By the looks of it people have never pulled so much ever before. Nothing has changed but for the top end of the game which is not FAIR and im not even f2p.

My only question that i want answered is why?, Why were sclass created? ,Why were s class buffed? , Why is gear locked and made even more scare despite being in the game for over 2 years.? Why were 5 star weapons created and why tf was amplification 4 made sweet god i had tht mod? Why are acendance medals so sparse along with weapon parts? And the final question is who asked for this? Been asking this for like a year still haven’t heard a legitimate answer.


It’s just the normal progression of the game. It has a life cycle like anything else. Scopley seems to think that a reset will invigorate the masses though. I think this one is having the opposite affect.


People pulling less then ever from what I’m seeing…think that’s what made them make S class in the wheel…because people basically stopped pulling.

See thts the thing they only answer to money. Ik they are company and need to make profit but this is not the way imo. Could have been excuted in a way thts beneficial for both sides. This game is slowly moving from skill to rng its not right man.


Scopely sure did create a rather potent digital narcotic.

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Been that way for awhile. It’s a coin flip or roll of dice, even down to the fight. Flip a coin, gets heads and your whole team gets stunned round 1, get tails and you dont. Nothing you can do there and that isn’t skill and it’s not even p2w, it’s just straight up a gamble.


Going on right now to do sr, i need my fix man!

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Yeah. Agree. It could have been done in a different way at a different pace.

When I first started playing, 3* were bad ass. You could have a team with red Sandy and rule all. I remember leveling up and grinding roadmaps for 3* Dale and 4* Andrea. They were useful and it was fun. Not many people even had 5* let alone ones at t4. You could be competitive with a decent 4* team if you were smart. Then began the power creep. Scopley would dangle a new OP toon with amazing stats and the people would pull for it to get that edge. It all just ended up accelerating due to greed. If you look at it, it’s all happened before. Now the gap is just wider and it’s quicker to get that way. 🤷


At this point tbh i dont think a gap this big can be closed


Yep Mercer was the nail in the cuffin like seriously these mfs think of everything to make a dollar. Next thing uk all enemies get -75 hp or some crazy shit.

Agreed. I only play anymore because of people. And habit. Otherwise I’d just say fuck this.


I honestly think it is full speed ahead, you can pump the brakes, you can slow down, etc. But that cliff is at the end and you are driving off it and scopely has decided might as well enjoy, make as much :moneybag: as we can and go flying off that cliff into the sunset. It is what i would do at this point tbh, i feel like the damage is done and it’s too late to turn this train around.

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Yeah. This game is a low priority for them now as well. You read their press releases and ads. This is never mentioned anymore. It’s all Star Trek and Looney tunes. And hints at new games coming up.


Well said @Gov