ATTENTION Lack of raid tournaments


So I see no raids for 2 weeks. No longer a faction event or solo lately. So what do I do with all these cans? I’ll have about 300 after the next 3 wars :laughing:

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What you do is save them for next week or use them if somone has droped a team this upcoming blitz war.


Use them all in one tournament and get called hacker for lawls.


Raid tournaments where folks lower their defense on purpose lower Scopely’s profits.

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Yeah, but most people don’t drop D because you know precious meaningless rep and they aren’t smart enough to figure out how to ghost.

People can also do this in Hordez. I saw a bunch of people in league chat trying to get everyone on board.


I lower mine, and ghost.


I drop and ghost too. Anything to cut down on time spent is fine with me. It’s not like there is much of a challenge anyway at least not until everyone puts together that BS Zachary defense team.


lol… I’m not familiar with the Zachary you refer too, but I have no budget to buy stuff from Scopely.


Raids are boring


Whole game is boring… couldn’t even bring myself to log in.


Call me stupid, ghost a raid?


Ghosting is keeping your food and wood extremely low at all times ( under 50k ). Then only attack bots and never real players. If you do this you can never be raided. So you can still drop D to help speed things along and not lose rep if that is also important to you.


They r letting us save cans for the month long 10million ms raid event. Just so ya knw they are. Get prepared.

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Agreed boring as Hell and has been for quite awhile.
However, I do login just to keep my streak (why idk) but I don’t participated in anything. I burn my world NRG with salvage tokens and spend my resources then bounce.

Which is sad, for them. Bc I went from 3+ years straight of spending a minimum of 8 hours to maybe 12 hours a day (depending on what’s was going on) with multiple logins and buying coin packs, 30 day passes, Gear etc etc etc. Now it’s ZERO money spent, 1 login and less than 5mins of play. _ Must say you’re doing a great job of pushing out the Veteran players there Poop Pay :+1::+1:_


I still havent… been about 4 days or so now… probs not gonna bother dunno.

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