Attacking when ai takes over

Can anyone explain say when you attack with a BLUE Priya. Her rush is ready so I rush vs Zach which toons does she hit next a GREEN Wayland how does this work with two other RED toons to hit? I thought the ai would always hit a red being you get attack bonus vs red with a blue. This is maybe the most ridiculous thing about ai…I mean I understand of it was a red negan I would have a greater chance to hit him.

Its not trait based anymore, its weakest toon, but I could be wrong.

Unless there is a payback toon, in which case its always payback because f_ck you


It does feel like 9 of 10 hit bide or payback. Real answer it seems pretty random you can test it in friendly duels.

Funny when I run survival road maybe just the position of my priya but she seems to get attacked them most. I am pretty sure her defense is higher then most others. Unless toons in survival road don’t follow the same ai.

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The attacking ai is much more stupid than the defense ai… it was upgraded remember.

Ai likes to piss people off by doing that.

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