Attack with stronger trait

Is attack with stronger trait better then impaired, stun, etc??? How exactly does it work

Well if you’re looking for extra damage chance it’s a good add-on. I think it’s a little bit on the attack side unlike impaired which is beneficial to defense. I guess as they say if you got it use it!

Its a decent stat, double attack is better for blues though.

That is good for attack and defense?

Impair on defense/stun guns will always be better for defense just cause they can prevent enemies from rushing

But they are useful on attack for getting rid of toons 1st turn, like pesky erikas

Depends on what you plan to use it for. If you’re using a weapon with it to attack an enemy team that’s already of the weaker trait, it’s useless. But if you’re attacking diversified enemies, it gives a chance to deal double damage. Regardless of scenario though, the double attack mod is better.

Stun, impair, etc all fall into a different gameplay style. They’re more of a tank/support style, whereas stronger attack is a damage style. It’s typically agreed upon that with weapon special skills, that Stun/impair route is the best way to go.

No, Yes, Depends.

Stronger = 2x damage multiplier

This is less effective than double attack as that is 2 hits with 2nd hit with atk boost, so effectively 2.5x damage then could also have a natural trait advantage doing 2x on top of that.

Stun / impair is about controlling your enemy and keep them from rushing. Typically rushes would win or lose a battle, however in the 6s Era, you can actually power through on pure attack. This is because of the slower rushes. That being said I anticipate they will get back to 56 AP rushes when they saturate the current 66-76 AP market in a few more months.

So I always focus on those control weapons with an occasional power build every now and again.

control is always better… if the opponent cannot ar or attack effectively. you have time to damage. stronger attack is useless.