Attack with Stronger Trait Weapon


Quick question. Anyone knows if AR can also be done with a stronger trait if holding such weapon?


not according to the pinned thread above called Combat Reference. it is only regular attacks:

Stronger Trait
When performing a regular attack, there is a chance the damage will be modified to the trait type advantageous over the opponent’s trait. Can still technically trigger if there is already advantage, but doesn’t give double effectiveness.


Hmmmm, so would this work with say… Dwight? Would a rush of two 350% basic attacks be further boosted? Does anyone know what exactly
the stronger trait modifier is equal to in percentage?


Yes, because Dwight’s rush consists of regular attacks.


From my testing awhile ago and I think confirmed by Scopely, ‘better chance’ is about 35% chance. However, sometimes it seems like the 35% will occur 5 times in a row but that’s part of probability I guess.


also from the Combat Reference guide:

Damage Damage
Deal damage to the specified set of targets with a multiplier on the damage calculated from the relevant characters’ Attack and Defense stats. A character that would normally do 150 damage to their target performing a 300% damage action would deal 450 damage.

  • Trait Advantage results in the final damage being multiplied by 2
  • A Critical Hit multiplies the final damage by 1.5

So looks like the trait advantage will multiply the damage by 2


Side note, do some friendly duels with a faction mate who sets up a test team, no mods, no deff buffs, and all traits, then see how the trait advantage works. Yumi has one if you need a starting point


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