Attack teams to beat Pete

s class priya is the key but normal is fine
level up princess, her taunt active is great
christa and zander and u have a team

5th player is ur choice, u can bring a shield, disarm or revive

usually it goes first round attack, second round priya or christa command rush, who ever is left princess active, then command rush 3rd round, should be over then

priya to control first round actives

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Depends on the weapon and to a lesser extent team. With at least +35% DEF, +30HP, and (ideally elusive) impair, blue Magna is quite decent against Pete - I see stun resists on lots of them, but impair less often, and a Pete that can’t rush is not very scary. If you don’t have a tanky impair gun, but do have one with stun, or can make very good use of red Magna’s active and/or rush, red Magna might be better.

My bleed team combined with laopo kills him quick. Highest bleed I’ve gotten was 14k with just James and white Shiva alone

Rampage Priya as leader
Splash Christa
Support alice (red medic)
Support zander (blue commando)
And i keep the last space of the team for disarm, crosshairs alice or something like that

Priya lead, red magna w stun gun, christa, Louis as disarm and bruce allen cooper for buffs.

Blue magna with an impair gun…MUCH MUCH better

Im going to say this again, 100% heal reduction is amazing and a secret that works very very very well :shushing_face:

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That is a good picture friend :grin:

I stole it fair and square from you :slight_smile:

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I just wana say this, s class must face with s class toon its no other way solution

what do you mean

Right! She’s my first choice. I’ve also actually had to use both Julie and Regina on attack for some Pete teams. Make those heads roll. :joy:

Using this against Petes, Ajax’s stun and Alice’s impair are hella effective. Most with ap drain and stun resist. Sometimes i add Zander for disarm and cmd, if opponents are stun/impair heavy.

This is how I usually take care of Pete and friends turn 2.

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I like to hit Pete with a Priya lead just after an Alice AR. Priya can really lay down some pain in that situation.

Omg Attack Team with Human Shield… That’s so loooow sry… Wasted Slot. May you got no trust in your own Off Team or why you use H.Shiled at Off??

It prevents ap drain and impair on attack from disrupting your attack. It’s quite effective…

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Loool there are so so maaany ways to attack the Chars even when shielded… And the Bypass Damage bleed burn ect ect ect

Bleed and burns is pointless when your team can go off turn 2 or 3 to end the match.

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I used Pete as my leader in most of the legendary survival road this past week. He was great!! Don’t knock Pete as a lead. :wink: