Attack teams to beat Pete

Pete Anderson is a royal pain, with most Defense teams now running him, I am finding it hard to win raids and/or war battles. Maybe I am not running the right attack team, looking at my toons, who would you suggest I run with?

Need S-class Priya lead and control, zander to command, Christa Angel Princess Raulito Im not good with melee teams, maybe Raulito as lead

keeping him stunned i find is the best way

Stunned / impaired / confused is the best way for sure!

OP, if you have a decap toon work the rest of the team around Pete and finish them off with the decap, Headless folks stay headless and prone.

I like to leave Pete to last, give him time to think about being a jerk. Them kill him slowly.

Priya is a Pete killer, load stun / confuse / impair toons with her and bring along a decap toon to make him sweat.

Pete isn’t as big and bad as I once thought he was, he’s very beatable.

With Carl priya zander regina and Julie shouldn’t be that hard

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i like to give him a def down and then 2 aaravs to the face

YES. I completely spaced out on Krista with D Down!

red magna shield has a nice attack up active, slap a stun gun on her and she could stun a few attackers t1

Pete alone isn’t the real difficulty BUT the toons around him. That’s my experience so far. Bleed mods will help greatly.

priya lead, christa, magna red shield, princess and zander -> make sure they all have stun resist.

Priya gives a +40 attack lead and a huge bonus to ap when attacking to all ranged. Use priya to daze opponents with turn 1 active skills. Her rush confuses and impairs a line which is helpful. Christa is really powerful, her active skill can also be very valuable. Magna shield - give her hp set mods, def, hp, stun resist, defence vs tough and graze. Use her to protect your team, drive the opponent into a stun gun and her active skill you can level it for a turn 2 attack up +40 buff to the whole team. Princess has active normalize and taunt - with her being a 6* you may need hp set mods with attack, attack vs trait, stun resist for sure. Zander to command mainly.

Turn 1 - attack a safe target, daze with priya and defend with magna. Turn 2 you can use princess normalize to taunt enemies into her, can either use magnas active skill for attack up or shield again and run toons into her stun gun - depending on what toons are taunted you can open the shield and use attack up so berserker is triggered on princess. You can also for control attack and command rush priya if needed for the confuse and impair, use christa’s defence down active skill or attack and command rush or normal attack. Zander can be used for command or his active disarm. This team sets up for a heavy turn 3 attack, but can also work to an extent on turn 2 for rushes with a command for control. Using magna’s attack up and christa’s defence down is a solid combo

if you need any more help feel free to message me on Line at: Linkesus. with the period at the end


Follow up Morgan from 5* tokens is also a pete eater. Use him to kill someone else with his ar, then smash pete with 150% ar

The key to beating pete is the debuff from Diego, christa, harper etc

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I’m surprised that more people don’t use Julie. She’s literally the perfect counter for Pete. 3 turns of confuse, so by the time he’s no longer confused, she has her AR built up again to confuse him.

Pete is easy af if you have Julie.


Angel ar goes good with a maim since


Pete: Does his active skill
Angel and maim toon: YOUR CAREER IS OVER.
Ajax: (or random Human Shield inserted here) So you gave me maim and trauma. Whats trauma gonna do haha
Pete: Lemme remove that does active
Ajax: at 1.5k hp and has 2.5k trauma
His recover maim is both good for recovering death from maim but bad if your under trauma. It’s basically a win/lose. So your screwed either way. Pete weakness is bleed, trauma (his recover maim is a big setup for the trauma damage but only if you have a maim toon or ar.)
Or probably for angel is (My angel ar is halfway leveled so she struggles getting to it. If your team with a pete lead cant take down another raid team then pete is only useful on a def tema for running down the timer and being annoying. Yellow mercer is a big example since he could heal himself but his max hp would be bonus hp aka shield. Bonus hp weakness is burn,bleed, maim, trauma, exhaust.)
So my pete lead team is good against non petes. I mainly struggle with kapoor’s due to his dexterity making him a tanky mfer. And other petes since a def team rn is just a team that can run down the timer.)

priya líder, raulito marca letal para que no vivan, comando zander, ángel, y necesitas alguien que baje defensa o suba ataque…ejemplos:
dwight azul
jeremías rojo
la estrategia seria cargar o matar escudo, marcar a pete con raulito y tirar cargas de jeremias -70 defensa y matar con priya

Pryia lead,Crista,Magna,Morgan,Princess.The WHOLE team will get off by turn 3 and fυck everything.Similar to the team I run witch takes out pete teams that goes by Pryia,Crista,Tobin,Kal,Ajax

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I use all greens v petes. Unfortunately, you dont have any of them. Priya lead with several control toons would be your best bet.

But, diego, beheading mich, bruce, shield lee, and BAC does the trick for me, 90% of the time.

Would you use blue Magna or red?

This team does a pretty good job of tearing down pete teams. Sclass your prya and get a good taunt or human sheild stun team and you can put some good work in

Control him. Then it’s quite easy. Particularly if he’s surrounded by kapoor and james/Christa.