Attack team updates!

Lets see some set ups you guys are using for up coming war!

2* Mac.

5 x katja still the best.

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4x Vernon 5* and 1x Gregory 5*. There is no better team in galaxy.

5* weapons out yet?

So reveal my team that 6 turns Lydia teams? nah no thanks


you people clearly take this GAME to ser. if your worried about someone TAKING your set up. i didnt ask for mods.

That’s literally every game similar to this. Not just taking the setup, but imagine you face this team, you know what to expect beforehand.

its aow not crw so that out of picture, and i said attack teams not deff teams.

Yeah I’m sure you come across defenses all the time you’ve never seen since there is such a variety. :rofl:

Doesnt matter what it is. You act as if CRW wont be back…

Not basing this on myself.

smh forgot this game is peoples lifes.

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Doesn’t have to be. It’s the way it is.

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Doesn’t have to be anyone’s life to enjoy it and play how they want.

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Does good considering I don’t have alpha yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you using magna just to protect for a few turns for the clean up crew?