Attack Team Help Before War

I need some hep with comprising an attack team (and a defence if you can) for a faction mate, as their current team doesn’t seem to cut it against the top teams. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you all in advance:

image image image

Yeah, there are a lot btw lol

braging or did he just buy an account?

No not bragging at all, they’re pretty quiet, but they really need help now so I said id ask around, as im at a dead end, not sure whats most effective against Negan Doc Donny teams. Any idea?

Carl, Konrad, Julie, Cole, Michonne

Kill em with basic attacks


And nope, just veteran player

Okay thanks man :+1:

Use Cole to control Raven/Doc/Shield first turn and then you have to unfortunately rely on Michonnes Confuse until rushes are ready unless you have impair on Cole and can get some impairs.

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Okay ill let em know, thanks bud appreciate it

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Was thinking of something with amber but idk what :thinking:

Can’t see an Amber

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Sorry mate missed this one

Hard to make an Amber team without Diego or Alice. Or any strong AP leader for that matter

Could do Camilla, Amber, Stevens, Raven, Kate. No defense down or yellow command could make it hard but that team should hold against most Michelle teams

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Thanks for that ill see how it goes!

Apparently works well, thank you man

No problem glad to help.

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