Attack Team Advice


Currently I run a attack team composed of the following

and I’m looking to rotate out Jesus and Abraham as having them has been useful,but they die too frequently for my liking,but I’m not sure who to put in their place. I have 2 blue lee’s a red Richard Yumiko , and Gator in my ascendable roster, who would you choose? I was thinking about putting Lee in instead of Jesus as my team leader for the defense boost and the confuse AP.


I would choose red Richard as he adds a lot of damage to your team I wouldn’t pick lee as he is more of a defensive character.


Yeah I was thinking about Richard as that damage is too good to pass up,but still Lee may be defensive but he’s the best leader I have right now,as I’m lacking in ascendable characters with decent leader abilities. I really don’t want to use a 5* character if I can help it as there defense 9/10 times results in them getting downed in the few 2 turns or so.


Your best option is to ascend reds to try and get mirabelle


What region are you in, I’m pretty sure I raided a team like that yesterday lol.


For offense try for Mira by ascending reds and replace Maggie with Richard. For defense you could get leagues zeke and run lee instead of Abe.


Sounds about right😀


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