ATR recruiting in habersham region

Recruiting in habersham region. ATR is looking for strong members to complete our war machine. Local tournaments are based of milestones. Crw war minimum 150k. In the past we’ve been top 3 crw and currently top 10 crw. We have a great mix of friendly competitive players. Spots will be filling quickly. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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Have you taken top spot from rehab?

No we are a little over half full, still waiting on some to come in. They are on cool down others tied up at the moment.

Good luck!

How alive is the region

Thanks, not bad at all.

It is active. A lot more then most we came across in scouting. Any competition is better then somewhere on the brink of extinction.

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Darn i want a super dead region lol

They are out there lol