At the end, 12 carnage event!


With the 12 carnage event end, now i can focus on farming 13.3 or that roadmap gear.
I dont know why, but im happy

How about you guys?
Do you feel what i feel? Hahaha


Got a Benedict and a polishing kit out of it… still didn’t feel ‘worth it’


I‘m grateful this disappointment came to an end.


Only thing that was good was getting a duct tape that went towards me getting my first AD weapon, but overall it sucked like most other recent “events”.


The thing I was super thankful for was the 250 weapon tokens that I have been dying to get. Now I can stop trying to use gatherer glenn that likes to bless me with 10 weapon tokens once a week now.

So thank you scopely for cutting 25 weeks of trying for that 250 tokens!!!


How much did you spend?


4* Weapon tokens have pretty much vanished recently