At least we got a use for all our Yangs?

Saw the new museum collections this morning. Redeemed most of them already. Yay?

Noticed that as well maybe they’re doing something to help us out I like it

It was a visual bug. They’re removing it to work on a fix

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one shitty collection, who cares about t3 gear


Yeah twas a yay, much deserved yay.
One small step for the bucket, one giant leap for the bucketkind …

Lol, 1 lousy piece of gear for a couple thousands yangs. Trash


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Too bad they didn’t have this idea when we were buried in dog plushies…

Whatever, I’ll take it can always use more gear.

Well they don’t really listen to forum feedback anymore or communicate with us so you need to ask a Pc member right @GR.Scopely? Maybe @LadyGeek can bring it up at their next meeting…

Before cashing all in just remember when scopely gives they take away more. So don’t be surprised if drop rate for them dries up and you get stuck with tons of the other.


What’s the feedback here? OP doesn’t sound particularly happy here, but it’s not really a complaint? More of these or less of these?

I say more of use of surplus collectables that otherwize have no value. No value i have to much of already.

Well, since the rates of cones and keys are so low, players have a huge surplus of the Yang. Spent a lot of cans getting them.

As in the past with other collectibles, we constantly ask for other uses for these collections. Maybe some ascendable medals or legendary medals for example?

Here is my total:

So, you’re liking the bonus collections that let you trade in those extra yangs for other stuff?

Give us keys and ice cream cones who the hell care about gear when S-class r taking over, **WAKE :up: **


Yes I am liking it very much. It is very much appreciated

No because I dont level up useless 6stars. I just level up 5stars, which thankfully I can now use in arenas, and save medals for toons that could improve my teams.

I have dozens of gear crates and over 600k gear tokens , I don’t need more gear
Like a previous post said , make it keys/cake/ice cream comes and it would be MUCH more use


Incredible how they always give stuff that nobody ever asked for. Everybody who plays regular can easily buy T3-T4 gear with league tokens


One question: the Typhoon event lasts for 23 more days. These two options to trade in Yang only lasts for 6 days apparently. Is anything going to replace them to trade in Yang for after 6 days?