Assistance doesn't want to give me back my account

In july , someone stole my phone . I had a second account on bamberg and i paid survivor’s club with exactly the same bank account than the main one. I don’t remember the google play account i used for because i created it just for this account. So it is impossible to me to give them a proof of purchase but i remember having contacted assistance from this second account because they had temporarly suspended the main one and i had sent them screenshots , i had also contacted the assistance because in june they took me three times survivor’s club amount . I gave the assistance many informations about this account ( characters i had , since when it is inactive , what about and what for i contacted the assistance from this account ) but it seems that the lazy woman who answers me in assistance doesn’t want to make any efforts to check these informations!!! I sent her screenshots of my bank account ID , of transactions on my actual google play account , i explained her that my phone was stolen , ARE THEY UNABLE TO CHECK IF THE MONEY THEY WON WITH THIS ACCOUNT COME FROM THE SAME BANK ACCOUNT ???!!! WHAT HAVE I TO DO TO RECOVER MY ACCOUNT ??!! IS THE WOMAN TOO LAZY TO DO HER JOB??? I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. TREATED LIKE A LIAR ! MY MAIN ACCOUNT IS LEVEL 136 !!! WHY WOULD I STEAL A LEVEL 49 ACCOUNT!??? WHAT FOR???


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