Assistance answers

I have a problem. I’m French, this is not the problem. :joy: I’ve asked 2 questions to the assistance. First about the territories and the second about the problems to contact the assistance. Because 30 times I’ve tried to contact with a new message and I’m always on the last one and the stars to give for the answer when it’s over. So 30 times I gaved 4 star to the same answer and 29 times I’m back on the answer I gaved 4 star. I finally contact the assistance. They answer me about the territories, but no answers about my problems to contact the assistance. 2 more times I explain my problems and the answer is always: explain us your problem and we’ll help you. I think there 's a little problem with the automatic translation. Because the first answer was not really understandable. And it was worst after. Am I the only one to have this problem to contact the assistance? And who can help me? Sorry if my English is not good

Are you talking about a pop-up asking you to rate the game? Or a pop-up to rate CS support?

@CombatMan When I read the thread it sounded like he had a question about territories and how to contact support. Hopefully he will answer again.

No pop up but when you say it ‘s OK and the assistance gave you good answers they ask you to rate the answer. The problem is that I was always on the rating of the last question( i’ ve rated 29 times the same question) and impossible to write my new question

Try rating it 1 star or 5 stars.