Assault question, sorry if its a repeat

Sorry if its a repeat, ive skimmed and cant see it :persevere:

Can i enter a faction during an assault?
Our little sister faction has asked for help to finish a boss. I swear i read u cant enter once an assault is live tho, and want to be sure.

Can’t enter or exit, just like a faction event

You can enter during a faction event though. So bizzare.

Thankyou tho!

Ah. True.

One of my guys got locked out of our first assault though. So I know you can’t enter.

You used to be able to exit, but I think they patched that. Last time I tried, it didn’t work.

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Thankyou! I wont risk it. They will figure it out :smile:


You can join but can not participate after the start.

You can also leave but will not gain bags at end.

I tried to join to borrow drop leads at another fac and it said I couldn’t join since they were fighting in fac assault