Assault faction in inactive faction's


Is there any way to become vice leader in an inactive faction other than by promotion??


If the leader has been inactive for more than 2 weeks, after a few hours (With nobody else logged in recently) you’ll get auto-assigned as the leader of the faction.


Serious? Only this?


Yup, are you trying to farm FA’s I take it? Just stick an alt in the faction


Yes, I am, what does “ALT” mean?


A mini account


Sorry can you give more details ??


Create another account in your region. Have it join the faction you want to farm


does not work if I go with my main account?


You can if you want to just a different option


Thanks friend :slight_smile: :smile:


The next topic created will be about how they are now locked in a dead faction for crw


Good l8ck they locked all the regions so you can’t do that anymore at start lol


How do you create the mini-account without over-writing your existing one?


Use a different device.