Asking for a friend :)

Anyone know the next promo , asking for a friend lol.

No but Priya on Friday. Tell “your friend” to wait


Do you actually know something?

Priya is inevitable.

You may have thought we offed her confusing ass 2 years ago, but like any self-respecting sharp, bladed weapon wielding villain that creates untold horror and misery for a community, they’ll be back a few years later for a critically panned, much unwanted and much hated sequel

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Priya will come out and be obsolete 3 weeks later so enjoy the few weeks then spend some more so you can start the cycle all over again while Scopley parties on a yacht with your money


And this time she’s back with a rocket launcher ready to daze us

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Priya is coming out Friday… it’s what the ice cream is for.

But S class are gonna far and few between! They MAY release more in the future! 2 weeks later…


Will this be like “six stars will not be for sale”?


Yep. And with more convoluted methods of pulling them. Now it’s ice cream cones. Can’t wait to see the money pit for priya. This game is in a downward spiral. It can’t maintain this trajectory.


This is what they said about 6* :joy: give it a month

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