Asking. Best team setup with Trader

A faction member pulled him , sclass version.
Im asking about the best defence team setup toon wise. Behind who.

Also what mod setup would you use?
About his active and rush skills. What would do with those ?

And yes our member has 2 other traders and half way there with cards for another sclass with the pulls that has been done.ty

Why are you making this thread if you didn’t pull him but your “fac member” did???


This guy lol


Honestly with my toons mainly att I can’t work out a good team with him in it

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I do have one trader so far. So i am also interested.thx

With his huge amount of infection, he could work very well behind a tanky defence lead such as Pete or equally well behind a lead that will slow down the opponents attack by shutting them down for a turn such as Mercer or Jacki. I think the Tanky way will work better as Trader will force the opponent to bring heal toons which could reduce their offensive capabilities at taking down a tanky team.
Off the top of my head for defence: Pete-Trader-Princess-Frost-Shiva with big focus on hp and ‘def against’ not ‘att against’ mods.
Pete: Hp bonus kept on weapon rather than stun and maybe 10% def to all teammates for each red (20%). Impair resist and stun resist as well as tanky mods, maybe a Graze or ap down mod.
Trader: Tanked up weapon crafts. 4th slot could be 35% heal reduction as this will stop Aarav’s weapon curing infection which a lot of top players will be using to stop his infection. Disarm/Stun and Daze resists. Graze.
Princess: Swap out her weapon for Elusive Impair for this team (keep her normal weapon rather than crafting over it though as it’s great for attack teams), 4th slot 5% bonus hp to 2 teammates for each blue on the team (15%). Taunt and Daze resists. She’s in this team for her AS not AR hence no focus on boosting att for that great damage AR. Reflect damage mod.
Frost: Elusive Impair weapon with 10% healing for 2 turns for each debuff. Taunt and stun resists, reflect mod.
Shiva: In line with Frost. Attack increase on her weapon changed to defence, 3rd slot kept, 10% healing for 2 turns for each debuff or reduce damage from basic attacks by 15%. Graze mod, disarm and stun resists. Not here to primarily be a payback but to be an exceptionally tanky toon who taunts opponents onto her bleed claws and can take most heavy ARs in her stride without even activating her Payback, but if an AR does hurt her then she will activate and do significant damage. Helps protect Frost from Aarav who will be a toon whose AR activates her Payback.

With a team this Tanky, it should give Trader ample opportunity to be hurting opponents with infection.

Opposing attacking Traders and the new Storm toon will hurt this defence though.

Edit: Any of the Graze or relects could be replaced with ap down for equal efficiency.


What we putting on wep slot 4🤷🏼‍♂️

35% heal reduction will stop Aarav from healing the AS infection (20x0.65=13) and stop 35% heals or worse healing enough to stop the weapon infection. Syncronises perfectly with Trader.

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if he has wangfa then put wangfa in that team with pete lead and wangfas active must be maxed thats it and two to other characters like doc ap and command will make players dont know whom to daze first doc or trader or wangfa they could get in trouble

yep, put him in a team with frost so his weapon is completely negated

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Kill 2 :wink:

This is a defence team… Who in their right minds is hitting Trader with basic attacks early on when attacking if he’s not disarmed?
Only time you’d want to is if you need to control him, and if you need to control him - then you’re a bit screwed if he’s behind Frost. Or if you know you can heal it - so the point you make would be moot in that case anyway.
Granted his taunt would force people to hit him - but that isn’t even coming into play until turn 4 (so any kills from it will be end of turn 6) by which point he’s already used his AS 3 times. And if they don’t hit him when taunted and hit Frost instead - they are hitting an Elusive Impair, not exactly the worst trade off in the world (no pun intended), to ensure he is left alone to infect 3 with his AS beforehand.

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priya says: nom nom nom

Priya, Pete Anderson, Wangfa (to avoid heal from enemy), Trader and Princess (crowd control).
Trader have a insane potential for onslaught to win matches without rush.

I can’t get Trader to work in any team atm, but I don’t have frost until next week, I’m still thinking he is pretty poor at my level

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