Aside from fodder, how good is the epic fast Clementine?

Was going for Gator.
Got her instead, and can’t say I’ve ever seen her before.
Seems like a mini-carl.

Yep Clem and Green Abe Make Excellent replacements For Carl

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Fine but doest come close as Carl heals and holds a stun sword. She only leads less well

At this point in the game, she’s not very useful … But how many non-Legendary toons are?

The best thing you can do with her is give her an 8%Party AP weapon and surround her with super fast rushing toons that hit hard. You can get toons rushing round 2 because of the Bonus AP

I actually did a side by side comparison of Clem, Gator, and Winter Lori leads (defense heavy no HP weapons on all toons except with Winter Lori and Zeke, which was intended to boost his health as high as I could)

Overall, Clem is better than Gator, about 400-500 extra hp per toon, while Gator gives about 100-170 extra defense, which isn’t too much of difference (as many on the forums have mentioned when comparing t3 6s to t4)

Clem lead did better in friendly duel tests and led to more toons surviving long enough to rush

Winter Lori is cool. She boosts Zeke past 3k HP

In the not too distant future…Next Sunday AD…

Leading the 44/45 AR team with multiple reflect damage weapons would make a pesky territory defense team.

she is baby copy of carl whats not too like

Interesting, bet he still dies quickly like the squishy little bitch he is though

5★ stats? She’ll die a hell of a lot quicker than Carl

That’s fine all she is there for is the lead skill

did few tests with her

Using her on attack!?

would work on both need abs for her other then could def i put her up for 24hs and report back.

But it makes raids so painfully slow using a leader like Clem or Carl on attack.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the benefit. Especially as all these Shiva’s tend to kill Zeke about 95% of the time, but personally it’s too defensive for attacking. Too slow during war or raid tournament

I use this for raids fights last no longer then min 1.20 most team most times faster then ppl taking towers. very much set on auto aswell.

She tided me over until I got Vincent last month