Ascension: Rick or Maggie (Poll)


Who will you ascend?

  • Rick
  • Maggie
  • Both
  • Neither

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Rick. Get more attack and a bigger bonus to AP to set off her revive rush sooner when needed. Of course then ascend her when you get the material and fodder.


If you want one single character to beat or at least have a chance against Bruce

Rick is the one

Yet gears for 6stars tier 4 are way more attractive
But the pont is Rick is what you see what you get
The gears are slot machines

So see if you want adventure or for sure.

And Maggie I will keep her five
Is more valuable for my team instead of her 6s

If I can get gears for sure
Then neither


just remember that you are probably more likely to get beanies and scopes from that wheel rather than hockey masks etc


One is a defensive character (Maggie) and the other is an attacking character (Rick).

It depends what purpose are you looking to fulfill. If you are having problem getting past those blue heavy defences, your best choice is Rick. If you want to get more power defensively, Maggie is your best bet.

See what are you lacking atm, and ascend that character. Down the road, ascend the other.

This are two good characters and are ascension worthy.


Dont forget the 2* waist pack and all the other very attractive 3* gear you can get from daily roadmap


The 2* waistpack has already been outlined as a bug and will be updated.


it would be nice to remove also the 3*/4* gear we can get daily… :slight_smile:


Both eventually…then they will be stuck waiting for there ARs to be levelled for months lol


I initially thought the same however you could potentially do 100+ pulls on the wheel, and generally speaking historically when there is a huge amount of pulls that you can do the trade off is lesser prizes within the wheel if you had a lot less pulls good stuff only would be better.

IE Gateway event/Helmet Tokens vs. Slash Tokens/2016 Anniversary Event

Or more recent Death Letters vs. Broken Hearts


One is a 5* and the other is a 6* if you’re in a top 3 faction no one is using 5* anymore. She will die in a few hits. Noob.


Just for you @fehlerfrei


Why would it matter if you ascended or not if you aren’t referring to war or raids?


Dude, are you serious? Lol

“There are other things than war and raids.” Survival Road? Gear Maps/Roadmaps?
Those don’t need revives for you to complete. And if you need a revive to complete them, I’m afraid that what @Snizzle said is true, you’re a noob.

Just you mentioning that sentence up there makes me realize one of two things:

  1. You’re not on a top faction, hence why war/raids aren’t your main focus.

  2. You’re just casually trolling.

I’m gonna go with the latter option.
So, keep trolling, bro!


Yeah we know, but you are against ascending Maggie. I’m asking why that matters if you aren’t warring or raiding. Try to comprehend please.


So, since you are far ahead on the game than everybody else, please elaborate on which areas of the game a 5* yellow revive is needed?


Why are you so angry man? Last i checked, we arent using your ascendance medals. And there is many other revive toons. Green Hershel, Blue Abe, Red dwight and so on. A 5* yellow revive would crumble under revive hershel…


Uhh yeah, I did say that actually. Scroll up.

And on another point, not everyone has most of the promo toons like you do and many are f2p and would like another 6*.


You’re the “almost” f2p guy who has spent $1000s. Amirite? Previous posts don’t go away guy.


Nope. I said “why would it matter if you ascended Maggie if you aren’t warring or raiding?” Learn to comprehend please. I know English isn’t your first language but come on guy, which in turn doesn’t excuse your player bashing.