Ascension mission question


If there is someone who finished this mission i’m interested whats after and how much medals they give as reward…tnx in advance.


You get 1k tokens for ascending a 3* as you see there

Next mission is to ascend a 4*, you get 2K tokens (i think, not 100% though)

I’m at this point and not doing any more!! not worth it in my books


Thanks man…so after these two missions we would be 255k medals down,lol smh its another level of cheap and stingy :poop::poop:


Did you expect anything else? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well tbh no but im still surprised :grinning:


Yeah, i was so ticked when I did the 4* thinking it would go to 5* next. Then that popped up. No thank you. Lol


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