Ascension medals Roadmap

Handing medals out in maps would be a good solution to getting them to players since most don’t want in rewards etc. If this where to happen a completion of the map should give you enough for one 6☆ and should be ran once a month. Medals should also be farmable in the map for those who buy alot of promo etc. If there farmable during the map I’d think 100 legendary medals = to that of a walkie or bag dropping would work well. Then silver Ascension medals could drop in at 50k a drop. The reason I specify number on drop scopley is i feel you’d give us bs numbers in drop like 7 legendary medals from one drop no one wants that.

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Hmm a roadmap for ascension medals. Where have I heard that before?

You heard it, when they said that those “medals” were useless,
that those things should be removed from the prizes and that the anniversary event’s maps
were totally boring and that’s why they did not complete them,
this is paradoxical

they said we would get a map for ascension medals and a gearmap.

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Why have we still not seen this weekly roadmap for ascension medals?