Ascension medals needed

Ascension medals

So to me it seems its been a while since we had any decent amount of medals in any event rewards, (because of the constant event items taking the slot)
And because of this for the first time in a long time I’ve actually run out of Ascension medals.
The whole system of having to level up 2 x 5* Ascend and then level up to 6* is getting really tedious.
I’ve actually managed to get on top of gear so it seems that atm isn’t a problem.
But now its medals.
Can we either get just rid of them all together
Or make them more widely available.
The small amounts from daily missions etc just isn’t anywhere enough for the demand.
And please i don’t need to see SS of people with millions of them, telling me to choose my toons more wisely.
The system is dated and flawed imo.
I’m just asking for a way to get more.
They don’t even sell them or offer some for coins.


With having to ascend so many 5* to get the S class toons it’s really putting a significant drain on those resources.


every time you collect an ascendable 5* from museum it should have 250k silver and 300 gold included.


How about a way to convert silver medals to gold medals? I have millions of silver and im never going to be able to farm 4* fast enough to actually put a dent in that collection.

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I do the medals roadmap every week. But what a pathetic amount given.
Maybe this could give enough medals for at least one Ascension.

Its been a long complaint from some and I would agree that you should get enough for atleast one ascension a month - particularly with the need for 2 6* per S class

This is not an issue for myself I may add :man_shrugging:

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I will trade my vast amount of ascension medals for some scopes and Trader cards.


If only that was possible :joy:

I am with you on that! With almost 6,000,000 ascendance medals and 5000 legendary medals I cannot use them fast enough. Give me some cards for trade!

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