Ascending 5 characters help!

Question how does everyone complete the weekly challenge of ascending 5 characters? I cant get 1 or 2 star toons to drop on roadmaps. My roster is way past full so i cant get them from training grounds and they took them out of the basic token pulls! No way i can ascend 5 6* toonz every otherweek. And quickly ascending 3 stars toons isimpossible without a ton of trainers. And havent seen a scav for lvl up in days! Only reason i care is bc i would like to keep completing this to get magazines to level up my suvivors club andrea (no longer a member)

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I don’t complete

I haven’t bothered either.

I don’t complete. I honestly only want the axes. So if it requires that BS ascendable requirement, I don’t sweat it. :woman_shrugging:t5:

You just need to ascend 5 toons. Use 3* or 4* for it. You ll get it easily.


I don’t do it either I dont have the toons for it I use all my 3* And 4* to level the toons i need since trainers are a hard thing to come by without getting ripped off anymore

Use basic tokens to get the 3 stars and 4 stars and feed them to each other. I just did two 3 stars and it took 10 minutes

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