Ascending 3 and 4* toons wothout max level


In my opinion leveling 3 and 4 stars to ascend seems like a waste of resources since they give close to no points in level up toutnaments and are mostly just ascended to use them as fodder again.

I think having to level 5s before ascending is great but ever since i ascended most of my max level 3 and 4 stars after ascending came out i hardly used the feature for non 5* toons since i walways use my resources to level 5 or 6* toons.

So i think it would be great if they just removed the max level requirement for ascending 3 and 4s or introduced new ways to level those toons like a scavenger mission that awards experience but can not be done by 5 and 6 toons.


This is done to keep the flow of 5* limited, otherwise there would be too many running around


While I understand there is a reason and I am appreciative that this should be work to get a free five through ascension, I do feel as many many many people have mentioned in the past, we need more ways to get items we need to level toons. Gear/Shirts/Gloves/Food/XP Scavengers etc. I personally can’t justify working on a four star when I have several fives that need to be maxed first. Even if we could take the toon to t3 max and not have to waste the beanie/flak, that would be helpful and easier to do than this current system imo


I wholeheartedly agree with @Sleepless . Even tier 4 level 1 would do with 4 stars. Just like we did with some of the previous museum events. The upper half of tier 4 is the problem. They need to get rid of that so that we could ascend more 4 stars.


I 100% agree on this. T4 lvl1 could be an excellent compromise for 4* and T3 lvl1 for 3*.


The other side of the equation is, would you be upset seeing teams of 5 maxed 6* all the time? By lowering the standard for one, you lower for all. By lowering it too much, you make it too easy for everyone to collect at the top of the current meta and remove disparity previously gained from hard work


I think it would help to level the playing field honestly. Most of the major players already have teams of sixes because they already have so many dupe fives. This won’t change anything for them. And maybe it’ll help all of us players who are so grumpy about sixes if it was a little easier for us to get toons to use for ascendance without sacrificing one who let’s face it, will end up OP if you have my kind of luck. We all know anyone who used Gator already to ascend is so screwed :wink:


I have 8 6* and I assure you, I am very grumpy about 6*