Ascendency screen keeps showing 6*s haven’t been viewed


Anyone else have this since Ivanova came out.
Has the red ! Mark next to them.

I viewed them all again to get rid and the next time I load the game up…there marked again.
Thought another 6* was released at 1st (lLori) but nope…

Pretty annoying.


Yup all alerts reset here too. I just ignore it, waiting for fix.


Yeah it bother me. I’ve seen all the cards today but it keeps resetting


Same for me. Fix one thing always breaks something else lol


Pretty annoying, took the time to view them all again. Got back on a little while later and they were all red again.


its been doing the same since i updated


my ocd absolutely hates this lol


Lol same.

I hate alerts that mean nothing.


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