Ascendence roadmap


Please, please, please include gold ascendence tokens in the roadmap. Everyone has millions of the silver tokens at least put 100 gold as a completion bonus thank you :slight_smile:


I have more ascendances I can do with the gold ones rather than the silver ones.


Same here


Seriously? Then you must have been doing a lot of 4*-5* ascendence. I currently have 26 ascended characters and 15 levelled up and ready to ascend but don’t have enough gold tokens. Then we could get into the trainer shortages as well to max ars it’s a real long game at the minute but I understand if that’s their strategy:)


Only did 3 4 star ascendances throughout the whole time ascendance has been out.


Ah I see well that’s the issue right there. For players who are in their 3rd year it’s the 5* to legendary gold tokens that are in seriously short supply :slight_smile:


I need silver (ascendance) thingy, not the legendary :confused:


Yes! Make a stage 2 for gold medals please!


This roadmap is crap anyway. It gives such a small amount of silver medals it might as well not even exist.

The proper roadmap would have two sections one for silver and one for gold. It should also give an amount so when an entire month has been run we have exactly enough tokens to ascend one toon. I don’t think asking for this is too much.

Of course, we will never get this because they keep hoping people will buy one of their expensive deals out of desperation.


Yes I agree, one toon a month from roadmaps should be an achievable goal with the potential for others from event rewards.


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