Ascended Karlson idea


Well I have a Karlson so I want him ascendable but this is how I feel he should be

Stats:High attack(1700-1800)high hp(1800)ok def(1400)

Specialist skill:Neutralize 2…hit one enemy and he will be neutralized but another enemy will also get neutralized also
Or leader skill:All ranged teammates get 40%attack and 40%hp(so we can see other than mira)or if not no a very large to so.

AR:450% damage to up to 3 enemies those enemies get -30 ap and the 2 other enemies get impaired for 2 turns

Also MAKE him look cool AF
So give your opinion on karlson.


It doesn’t fit in current meta cause if you are not gonna buy it since you already have him, it doesn’t fit.



are you even serious?

what else 45 AR?


Ascended karlson
Embraces his inner mw2 drops nuke instantly ends raid - “10” ap
There all you need to make karlson good


Way too damn strong. Why would I go for alpha when this masked villain does a ton more.


Good point I need to learn how to balance.I


6 star karlson

Eat That !
Level 10/10
Recharge Rate : 30AP(VERY FAST)
instant kill up to 4 enemies

Active Skill :
Level : 8/8
Initial Cooldown : Turn 1
Cooldown : 1 Turn
Number of Uses : 5
Revive 3 teammate with 15% of their max HP and gain 100% bonus HP.

Design : wear black wool beanie and topless with white short pants


And if he dies, instant negan with tank appears.


LMAO :rofl: