Ascended and Tested Eugene *Poll+video included*

So for anyone interested after the poll I did I decided to ascend him and use him. I recorded some raids I did with him etc, have a look.

  • I still think he’s trash.
  • He’s not so bad…
  • I also ascended mine
  • I’m interested…

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What lvl his rush

Only 2/10

That not really a great lvl to be testing he needs to be lvl 9 for any use tbh a lot of 6* can be used at rush lvl of 6 so he’s probably still meh

Yeah that’s actually what I said… But was still curious

I like it. I think would be a good adquisition for my distance attact team

If I had him I’d ascend him

In the battle you lost you forgot you have active skills. You can impair 2 with Ty and you can confuse one with Yumi. Great way to stop them from rushing you.

Thanks for taking the time out to make a video using Eugene. Would never spend for him would only ascend him if I were swimming in fodder and trainers.

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