Ascendance suggestion


Losing 8 characters (unless you have an enormous amount of benedicts) to build one character is a huge blow to many players who have spent countless time acquiring, leveling and choosing the best teams and crafting weapons for specific characters, and a near impossible method for new players who don’t have large rosters of 5* characters to sacrifice 8 for food.
My suggestion: ascendance medals + 4 5* characters + 1M food + 500K wood
I feel this suggestion would allow more people to have a chance at ascending, it will preserve some of the 5* characters that we love for farming, road maps, survival road etc., and it will eliminate wood, which I have seen many people complain about the overabundance of wood.
Thoughts and feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Varying Ascendance strength could be a possibility as well. Using 4 toons will ascend to 6 with the previous stats, 8 toons to ascend to the current stats after the increase for example. There was a Star Wars game I played where you needed duplicate “cards” to level them up, and they would be stronger or weaker based on whether or not you used leveled up “cards” or base stat.

Idk, just a thought on your thought


I really like this idea


overpopulation of 6 * ultra bad idea

I ascended 3, and only use benedict and 5 * (I got sacrificing 4 *).
if you use Benedicts for the lvl up event is your other one of your bad ideas