Ascendance question


I have some questions about ascending.

I am close to ascending mirabelle. She will be my first 5 star to ascend to a legendary toon.

So i really have no idea how to ascend her or what the best way to do it is. Some people say to use benedicts but i don’t know why.

If there is a guide for this or any information on why using benedicts is best, or what other toons to use is best it would help a lot.

thanks. Sorry I’m a new player just trying to learn


There is no difference, unless the 5* you use has some use or could be ascended in the future


Benedicts is the preferred 5* because they have little usage aside from leveling wise, hence named a trainer. If you sacrifice other non-trainer 5s, you lose the ability to use those said 5s. You lose any potential points you can get from leveling them during a level-up tournament, and you also run the risk of having those 5*s be ascendable in the future.


Oh thank you! So i will have to use all 5 stars to ascend her to a 6 star? so maybe just wait for benedicts because i don’t want to sacrifice my good team members just for one 6 star, still in a young region most people only use 5 stars :stuck_out_tongue: occasionally will see a few 6* but not often so i think i will wait! thanks.


I would also start banking any Aden trainers you get. If any Lilith drops happen from stages keep those as well. They will be helpful. Save those for the 6* those are the only 2 options to increase the ar on 6*. Then there is ulysses for the active skills.


i have a few lilith and ulysses locked on my roster for once i ascend! thanks


awesome…I like the locked part as quite a few people have Lost ulysses because of a glitch in the game.


I use only benedicts and duplicate toons as fodder so that I don’t kick myself later because a toon I used as fodder became ascendable


Not 100% accurate.

The scavenger missions can also increase the AR of a legendary character. You just need to make sure all characters in the mission (except for the legendary) have their AR already maxed.