Ascendance Preview


So when I go to ascend random 3/4* characters, I usually will end up getting characters I’ve never seen or heard of (like 4* Caroll for example) and I’m sure there will be more characters added to the “ascendance only” characters list as I call them. Basically, what I’m proposing is that there’s a preview on what characters you can get from ascending whoever. It’d be like the tab that says what percentage chance you have on getting whoever. Except on saying just percentages, it would show the characters you may get and show the percentages on the chance on getting them; unless they all have the same chance of getting, then just show the characters you may be able to get from ascending. Sure, it doesn’t really help you in much ways, but it’ll at least tell you, “Hey, you may be able to get ___ instead of ___.”


You mean a list of character you can possibly get from ascending? Like this?


Yeah, like that.


No, like, that’s the guide. It’s on the forums instead of in the game, but it exists.


What no that can’t be cuz you know that it can’t be new characters because of how long it takes to code one. After popping three and four star new characters out it would kind of lead me to think that old ascendable five stars aren’t quite as hastily as they say


The coding doesnt take long, but planning out the future meta is what takes the longest. They have to plan characters ahead before releasing any, so the meta lives or changes when they want it to


Well shoot my bad…