Ascendance Medals


Waiting to ascend my Negan, haven’t seen ascendance medals around for a while.
Are we due to earn some more soon? I have 11k atm so I need quite a fair bit.

(already gave 4 6* atm, thats why im so low on them).


I’ve been getting them in Survival Road Supply Depot.

Looking like they will be rewards for the next War! (milestones)


Good to know. The personal milestones of last war were good. Just a shame about the overall position rewards.


Unfortunately, I don’t have enough points to keep buying them every day, but glad to hear they will be coming in the war =)


If you keep plugging at it you’ll get more points than the cost every day


Treasury box at the beginning, everyone including people in my faction ignored it when ascendance came out, I didn’t, have 4 6 stars and enough medals to ascend at least another 4 and like @kalishane said I’ve been getting 1 of them boxes everyday.


aint no shortage. And i have plenty 6*. Ya’ll jus be rushing to ascend trash and 4*'s most probably.


I pulled most of mine already ascended. :joy::joy::ok_hand:


Our faction has a decent stock of the medals. They have been selective with ascension I assume.

I do agree having that 300 from the previous milestone was great. I recall a lot of people posting on forums about how Ascension gold tokens needed to be stopped and not used as rewards when they first came out… Now it seems as though a lot are short. :confused:


6300 per day isn’t much, might be lucky and get 10000…