-Ascendance Medals Season 2-

Ascendance Medals Season 2

Who wants an event giving medals just like when ascendable characters where released, and to all veterans out there what were the events like?

*I’m aware of the past tense error, unfortunately only a moderator can edit a poll after 5 minutes. Correct (I missed season #).

  • Yes, (I miss season 1)
  • Yes, (I was in season 1)
  • No, (I miss season 1)
  • No, (I was in season 1)

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My answer is justified as I miss season 1 of the medals, because I was apart of season 1

Might want to fix the wording as in (I missed season 1) as in I missed the chance of being in the game for season 1 not (I miss season 1)

because I wish there was a way to get medals all the time besides the petty amount given in the sr depot. which is obsurdly petty.


It would be good to have to a surplus of medals in the event I have multiple ascendable epics in queue. Although I have three right now, it would be awhile before I can get the fodder anyway.

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I liked how the medals was giving in the beginning when six stars was first introduced. I feel like it should be a permanent feature in the museum for both silver and gold medals so players not only are never short on medals but new players can actually have a wayyy better chance at getting what they need to building a roster by ascending 3 stars they would get thru the wheels and depo and whatever farming they get.

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All time medals (+ farming 6* gear) as resource we are getting trough play would mean they are doing it according to Albert’s ideas. So indeed it is absurd they aren’t on stage 1 of what was planned. But anyway it is all irrelevant, until people are on spending spree my or any similar voice about promised doesn’t matter.

That is a great idea I’m mad I didn’t think about it, things like this should be part of the museum.

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I like the poll but honestly, I feel the easier thing to do would be to eliminate the medals entirely because really what is the point to them? All they are is another way to halt progress. Isn’t the gear required enough of a roadblock for ascension? It’s not like Benedicts and night vision goggles grow on trees.

Completly off topic why is every other toon in the game a hunter? If any of them were gonna be the dominant one shouldn’t if be citizens? lol


The citizens got bitten by walkers, so hunter or walker?