Ascendance Medals Not Enough


Hello, I am almost new player, still prestige 8

Old players have to much ascendance medals but new players not.
I am s2++ now with Dwight t3 and I want to ascendance my Wyatt. I have enough Benedicts & legendary medals but not for ascendance medals.

SR Depot useless, because everyday 6500-10.000 not enough. 2.5k not low price but stock only 1 lol

and I bought new Stevens and I need more 105k for t4, so I can’t buy any case for 20 days

And I want to ascendance 4 stars for SR, I need more epic for clear all stages 3*

So, why did you stop ascendance medals rewards? I just remember only 1 war milestone reward & 1 SR reward. And I used that medals for Dwight

I think we need regular method for gain >Enough< medals.

I thought may drop on kingdom road map but not…

Can you made new regular road map for ascendance medals? Like gear map 2.0? But pls low energy

Or regular reward on milestones or rank rewards?

I need few millions ascendance medals and I think many players feeling like me

Thanks @kalishane


I can get behind this post.

Make it happen.


The struggle us real, I have a full 6* team in Chattahoochee, but it’s a mixed of ranged and melee, I have 3 toons waiting to be ascended two of them melee, so I can make a all melee team. I’m short 120k silver medals just to ascend one, not to mention only enough 5* toons for one to ascend too.

Scopely really needs to start pushing out the medals and 5* toons at a faster rate than this.


Because of that we will get medals for crw. -,- g it g ut. Have 10 ascended and enough for 3 soon 4. Step up your game.


Thank you! I hear you – I am always low myself and know how frustrating that can feel.

Adding to the feedback report.


Brag much, and lmao step up my game? They basically threw medals at us when 6* toons came out and than stopped giving them out after that, so if I’m a player of over a year and having trouble gathering medals because now they are nowhere to be found, imagine what new players feel like. Get off your high horse.


I was just saying that myself in another post.
Somebody commented that people were starting a new regions and in a a short time had six stars toons.
I myself 2 months ago started in another region and actually got a couple five stars and actually because of that I’m having a hell of a time upgrading them cuz they cost so much in my town and Village isn’t up to par yet I was better off with starting out with three stars toons.
Anyway back to what you were saying originally starting out now sucks I don’t see how you’re getting six stars to quickly unless you’re spending money

Yes the new people are crying


Come on guys, I am online 7/24 in game. if i can never catch up old players why I am playing this game?

I am really working hard
but when developers add new things in game, just distribute a lot of that new things.

I have not ezekiel, my first 6* Dwight, I have only ascendable Wyatt, no more. only event reward characters.

And almost everyone have one Carl or mirabelle. Because high chance when add this characters in game.
my 5* token pulls %80 new characters, like Kelly, Sandy, tactic leaders etc.

So, I am asking again
if i can never catch up old players, why I am playing?

I complete every milestones, SR tournament to, and I can high rank for every event.
I can complete legendary SR and yea I am prestige 8,
almost I never sleeping when start SR for complete legendary stages.

So, I am working hard but I am new player,
I must shut up and stay back right?

Just game limits blocks me, like ascendance medals… and this situation benefits older players

So, I am crying right?


We need more legendary and ascendance medals.
I’m stuck ascending. And have been for two weeks


It’s not you. They handed a bunch out to start and the first time a CRW (newer region) fights CRW(older region) the post and forums will sky rocket.
For example if Jeff Davis was Face our region it would be a land slide. The only 6 stars they have are from pulls…No Dwight rifle, no extra medals, nothing. Patience is needed and CRW will trigger massive threads.
So again just give it til this weekend.


Issue is that we can’t even grind for progression. Should the blue Ascendance tokens really be limiting us? You can the gold tokens for that.

Please rethink your road blocks. We don’t need everything in this game to be progress limiting.


I say he isn’t crying…He needs medals I need medals everyone does so stop saying people are crying.


Plenty of gold medals, lack of silver…




No Killa
If you are truly grind and a better faction will notice and take you in and you will grow faster like that. But it does take a little bit of time in the beginning


Kid 13 The Crying statement wasn’t exactly crying tears it was the statement meaning frustration when you have characters that you can,t Ascend because there’s no metals try to read into it instead of jumping on stuff
Actually the crying is when you’ve given your information to VK and one day you’re hacked


It might we worth mentioning that those who played during the first 6* event featuring Ezekiel, got like a zillion medals for little work, maybe new side events could be placed to get a bit at a time, but on a regular basis, so new players can enjoy higher tiers of play in a reazonable amount of time.


SR depot medals are pretty pitiful an increase in amount you can claim a day would help greatly.


That’s a very good point, actually! When ascendence came out, we were bombarded with ascendence medals and legendary tokens (enough that people complained). The current draught puts newer players (even spenders) at a clear disadvantage.