Ascendance medals need to be more available to all


We can now upgrade 3* and event 4* characters but the medals to do so are no where to be found after the events with the exception of road supply depot.

Newer players are not left with many options. Why can’t there be more readable drops of medals?

It gives new players ways to advance. Allows older players different route to use lesser characters and in general keeps the train rolling.

With supply depot never updating and the long cool down timers it’s creating a massive bottle neck in the game. I am just asking release the strangle hold!

Maybe once a week have a medals road map like exp or gear or survivors. Players don’t need 2 million medals just enough to upgrade 3 and 4*.


I hope they move forward with some sort of roadmap that drops the silver tokens needed for those not stocked up :pray:


Maybe use the stock pile of silver and bronze radios to allo people to get medals from the stages.

There is many options just should not be a limited one time deal. I have a feeling they are watching numbers before they choose to act.

Introduce something new then watch how the people adapt and change before following up again.


Looks like we will see quite a few more medals in the next couple of weeks.


Hi all,

The aim is for legendary medals to be back in the upcoming Thanksgiving RTS Event. Cheers :turkey: :corn: :carrot:


Ok, but what about the promised roadmaps for them?


Thanks mick but what I am asking about is ascendance metals. Legendary is awesome if your making 6* but anything else they are not really helping.

I was thinking economy wise ascendance metals being more common place would allow all levels a means to progress. Legendary metals only allow top levels to progress.


So basically I can’t use my toons til what the end of the month? ? I purchase the box in Sr everyday and I participate in every single event normally top 100 at the least and top 10 when possible. So as I finally have enough fodder to ascend the 2 toons I have been saving for I see now I only have enough blue medals for 1. I work on fodder by ascending 3 and 4* and tokens from rewards. Had I known that it would be 2 months + before they were offered again I wouldn’t have bothered tbh. If u play u understand how much time and effort it takes to fully level a toon. No not by scavenger missions only. Good old manual leveling. I am always prepping for level ups, farm daily, do Sr , and am very active. The lack of communication for most issues we are having, most being simple fixs, feels like a slap in the face. Sort of like if u worked overtime and got paid less then regular wage. No benifits for being a dedicated player. I am losing any hope that I’ve held on to. Ive stayed around because I enjoy the competition of war and my faction mates. However each day I see no change makes me wonder if I’m the insane one for expecting different results.