Ascendance Medals for Legendary Medals

Here is an idea:

I am sure I am among thousands that have a HEAP of Ascendance (silver) medals (I have 4.5 million) and a handful of Legendary Medals (I have a few hundred). How about you set up a place where we can exchange them?

You can make a big ratio like 1,000 for 1 or something similar.

Frankly it would be nice to do something with them, as there is nothing of value to do with the excess Ascendance medals…


Great idea!

I give it 30mins before a troll comes on to say no-one wants that. (We do)

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I don’t really like how random a trade out option seems . But I can’t say it’s bad either . I do hate the feeling of ascending something then pulling it 6 star. Tbh I think they should just remove legendary medals entirely.

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Yes please i want this also !

No one wants that

Any way for getting more legendary medals is a winner in my book. How else am I going to ascend all these shitty shitty toons in my roster?

they are able to monetize Legendary medals! they are too stingy to provide means to get extra medals thru exchange.

shut up @CLIFTON87
you know this idea is dumb but still try to passive aggressively troll me haha

Nothing passive aggressive about it. Just a prediction :slight_smile: . Why on earth would you think it’s aimed at you?
However, I have to say by your response that if I was attempting to troll you, it worked pretty well :smile:

Nah, you’re just backtracking because i saw your comment lol

Hang on… You said I was trying to troll you. If that’s the case, then surely I would have wanted you to see the comment?
Logic lies out of reach for you doesn’t it Ribcage? (or I’m also guessing s1acker) :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Come on you have the same
-Type of immediate trolling and language/expressions
-Lack of any form of subtlety a decent troll has
-Obsession over Veni’s body
-Lack of control when somebody trolls you back ending up getting wound up yourself instead

I see you s1acker :smile: :smile: :smile:


Just playing Devil’s Advocate here, not Dumping on the idea.

But if they do that, then ppl will be asking for more Ascendance medals (silver). Making them like Legacy medals (gold) are now.
Bc you Know it’s going to be a ridiculous exchange rate like 250k to 300k or more for maybe 300 medals. That adds up quick, ppl will be needing more. And we know that’s not going to happen :joy:

What we should be asking for is More Legacy Medals (gold) :man_shrugging: js

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3.84 mil silver, 1,360 gold. Yeah, even after farming 4 stars to 5 trying to get the rare ascendable (which I never got) I still will never come close to running out of ascendance medals, but am perpetually short on legendary medals.

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