Ascendance medal crate

Did the ascendance medal crate in the supply market always cost 9000 survival markers? I don’t remember them costing that much and always thought they were cheaper then that.

Maybe I just never realized it or maybe they upped the price with the last update?

It used to be 2500 I think. Changed with the newest update. Costs in the Survival Road Depot have gone up and Scopely says that’s because they are giving out more Survival Road Markers now with the update

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely will we see this increase take effect Tuesday when the forced update is pushed? So far i see no increase and things like a 3* or 4* trainer are insanely expensive

You get higher amounts of markers for in those boxes every couple of crates but I don’t remember what the old amount is and I so far can’t justify the change. We’ll see in the tournament if there is more markers

Wayyyyyyyy to high!
Definitely done buying them daily, bummer.

Now you make over 20k from beating it, so 9k isn’t too bad. Assuming u can beat it

The amount of medals should had been increased before anyways, 35 medals a week is a joke, that plus the the roadmap is 70 a week which is 280 a month which is 20 short the 300 needed to ascend. 300 a week would be appropriate with the amount of ascending we need to do for level ups and to get s class. At the very least they could make it so we get 300 a month instead we are short 20 cause scopely maths is the best maths


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