Ascendance map please redo

Ascendance map good start can you try again its not up to par to much energy too many level for such a small amount.


What are you talking about?

Do you have trouble reading seemed cut and dry to me.

Your English is horrendous, I can read no problem it’s your writing that needs help

Ok grammar nazi.

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I honestly can’t understand much of what you said, please rephrase.

Can we not pick on someone who is most likely not a native English speaker?

It looks like he is asking for the maps to appear more often. He is saying not enough tokens are given out for doing it and it requires too much energy and there are too many waves of enemies.

He’s right. 31.5k is a joke. Should be a minimum of 50k. Of course, they had to drop it on can Thursday with all the other things that need to be done. Fri there was one thing on the map and it was completely unnecessary to do as always. Spread it out Scopely.


Is it really picking on someone when we didn’t understand them and yet made no comment insulting how they talk, but instead wanting them to say it more clearly?

I mean besides that S1acker6 guy.

Unless you were only talking about him, then my mistake.

I actually think the amount of medals is pretty good - maybe the players who have been around since their introduction are used to different amounts, but silver medals are very scarce in the game right now, only available from the sr crate, rarely tournament prizes, and even rarer events (egg collection event). The new map almost doubles the amount you can expect per week.

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As long as it comes weekly I won’t complain. I think they should split it into 2 acts though. Some new players with no legendaries might have difficulties with it. Considering the completion rewards make up a third of the total rewards it would be a waste of energy for some to only be able to attempt.

Oh they understood there just tools

By the way cheers to you love reading your comments in the community there usually spot on.

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For new players its great maybe they should add a second map higher grade.

Actually I really didn’t understand because of how you worded it, no hate though, just wish it was worded differently.

Iron said it right

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Yeah ik since I read what he said.

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