Ascendance List [Posted 10/2017]


Characters that will be Ascendable through early 2018

Aaron “March To War”
Connor “Something To Fear”
Dwight “A New Threat”
Lori “Days Gone By”
Siddiq “Call To Arms”
The Governor “The Calm Before”
Glenn “A Larger World”
Rick “Road to Survival” #2
Eugene “No Turning Back”
Joshua “Hardened Survivor”
This list does not include any surprise unannounced ascendable characters.

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PLEASE IGNORE! I was wrong its depot Glen not gather. SORRY

I’m sure they will be light hitters compared to the ones we’ll have to buy to stay competitive.


They will all be attainable through Ascendance!

Clarification: you will be able to ascend all from 5s to 6s!


Are you saying the listed 5s will be attainable via 4 ascendance? Or are you just rephrasing that those listed 5s can be ascendable to 6s in the near future?


All? Oh boy those 2.5 million solo level up pts I dropped for Kal just came back to bite me. :roll_eyes:


I’m sure those are. I’m saying they will be nothing compared to the ones you’ll be selling. The game balance everyone has been saying is resetting will return to the same hierarchy it was before. I’m fine with it, but nothing has changed balance wise


Characters improve in general through the life of the game. But there will always be alternative ways to obtain ascendable 5s to turn into 6s!


Eh, I’m not wild about the new 6* jet pack power explosion. After watching 6s destroy all semblance of 5s viability, it won’t be long until the first 45ar 6 comes out esp if the premieres they pump out don’t sell as expected.


Any idea which of these characters will be Ascendable first, and when?


Which Dwight will be Ascension ready? Blue Dwight or green Dwight, or the yellow one?



Glenn and the Governor are in the Supply Depot. Please don’t pull them now that they are ascendable. This is an alternative way for players to get 6*.

With Kal being part of a recent Stash, it would be another slap in the face of anyone who pulled him if you freely gave him away by putting him in the 5* ascendable list.


These are toons that will be ascendable into 6*, Siddiq and Joshua are already ascendable so I doubt they can be added again lol


whatever the new 6s will be my personal opinion is that we need some more 6 leader options.crw was really good but after a bit became stale due to the lack available options of available leaders to adjust to the new meta.


To help people identify (should help my faction mates too :slight_smile: ) I’ve put images up of the toons that this list corresponds to as I know from the facebook unofficial group at least there has been some confusion! EDIT: Thanks to @Tiredness for the Aaron and Connor pics!

Characters that will be Ascendable through early 2018:
Aaron "March To War"

Connor "Something To Fear"




Lori "Days Gone By"

Siddiq "Call To Arms"

The Governor "The Calm Before"

Glenn "A Larger World"

Rick “Road to Survival” #2

Eugene "No Turning Back"

Joshua “Hardened Survivor”

Which Dwight is this?

Thank you so much @smoothey !

I will add them to the top!


Wrong Lori, you want the Neutralize 5* Alert Lori.


will fix now!


Fixed! Thanks @Verdeiwsp @kalishane


Where’s Aaron “March To War”?

edit: I see you’ve added him in your next post but the pic doesn’t show. Neither does Connor’s.


i don’t see Aaron on your Pictures shane hmmm, maybe he is not released yet?