Ascendance & Legendary Medals - Still no Lillith’s or Aden’s


So now we are getting ascendance and legendary medals that we need. And yet we still don’t have the trainers that we need to level up the toons properly. As of now, I need 57 Lillith/Aden to max the AR’s of my 6* toons and 44 Ulysses, yet out of 6 AOW/CRW of putting up 100k+ points each war (means plenty of crates), I’ve gotten a whopping two Aden’s. Just two from 300+ war crates. At this rate we may be lucky to have the AR’s maxed of our current toons by next Christmas. @kalishane, are you able to give feedback on this?

These trainers are practically non existent. It’s hurting the economy of the game.


Run the scav missions to lvl your AR on 6*


I’ve had better luck with the drop rates. About 5 Aiden’s from 100 war crates. The whole point regarding 6* trainers, however, is that they are rare enough to where you have to prioritize the upgrades on certain characters. I personally think the expectation that we should have the resources to fully max out a handful of 6*s so quickly is a little over the top.

Eg: I took Shiva’s AR up to a certain point where her confuse lasted 2 turns, but I maxed out her active skill for the faster cooldown.


I have 8 six stars maxed on tier three & all of their AR’s are maxed out.

I pick & choose which actives to level though, I rate some higher than others so I have Negan, Shiva and Siddiq actives maxed but have hardly touched Mirabelles.

I buy Adens from SR depot as well as winning them in events and war crates. It’s all about prioritising what you want to level up.

Does need to be more Ulysses though, although we have trait specific active levellers there are too few available.


Yes I do that. Still puts them in a scab mission for 5 or 7 days for 1 AR level.


Careful, if you pick it, it’ll never heal


5 days for one lvl. Lmao… 50 days later


I have plenty maxed you just need to do survival road and grab aden from the depot. Adens also drop in elite tokens every once in a while and if you do well enough in war youll get at least one seen or lillith from milestones. I’m currently at 69 out of 90 in total


chest war, elite medal, world map, scav camp.

so many ways to raise the PA to 6 *


if you just get on and do it in conjection with Adens and what not it helps out. Maxed Shiva and Abraham already that way.