Ascendance issues & reward system failure


Come on scopely!
As of right now, there are 22 ascendable characters. Out of which only 9 are pre ascendance(8 if you don’t count the free zeek we all got when ascendance started). There are HUNDREDS of 5* that could be ascended…I realize this is a game for us and a business for you…so releasing new characters drives up revenue for you. However by continuing to do so you further deminish your pre-existing loyal players who have spent time & money, because their deep rosters of pre ascendance 5* are out dated and can not stand against the new 6*.

I know this will go in one ear and out the other but as a loyal player who has seen this first hand here is my suggestion.

●Limit the relese of new character’s to 1 a month
●Start by re-releasing old 5* that gain asendance
They can be in Premier recruits with chances at pulling for six* version.

Next issue I’m seeing is the reward system is failing. The rewards are what drive competition and competition drives spending…if the rewards are not worth while(such as they have been) people will still compete but not as hard as they would if the rewards were worth it. When people compete harder they spend more.

●Suggestions for Rewards

Top 3 gain ascendable characters
•1st) old character that gains ascendance during the war
•2nd) a character that already had ascendancy before the war
•3rd) a character that already had ascendancy before the war( different than second place prize)

Gear bags (for 6*)
Ascendance medallions

Other faction events like raid and lvl up

Ascendance medallions, 6* gear bags, Benedict

I know change is slow and it will probably be 6 months until things get to the way they should be. Hopefully I can keep on surviving till then ;p


Just going to add that 1st place in war should be the 6* version of the ascended character to avoid giving 1st place players a duplicate of a 5* they’ve already had a for a long time. Imagine getting a 5* Gator and thinking “great I just spent this whole war fighting for a character I’ve had for two years now, who the majority of my faction already has AND most of our competition already has.” That’s not a prize, that’s a punishment.


That is a fair point, and how I think it should be in 6 months time or so when 6* are the norm everywhere. However I would say that maybe 1st should be one of the earlier premium ascendance characters. next war could be Rosita or Viktor etc, I know some would already have that character but a lot of people even in the faction that finish 1st wouldn’t have them, so there is a bit more exclusivity.

With how we are currently limited by medals/fodder giving out 6* to the same faction every other week will create a huge power gap and ruin any semblance of competitiveness this game currently has.

The prizes should evolve over time, to being given new premium ascendance characters, and then eventually to the 6* versions, but I don’t think we have quite got to the stage where 6* should be the prize yet.


Premium Ascendance characters as prizes would be a good start if Scopely isn’t ready to reintroduce unique war epics yet, but honestly unique ascendable (or ascended) war epics should be the end goal. That has always been the centerpiece of war.


Yeah I was just trying to think of a way that it could work in the current situation.
I believe they will offer a 5* version of an old toon this CRW, but think that people would be a lot more interested in one of the more exclusive premium ascendable toons.

I am not in a number 1 faction, so am slightly biased in that it is a nice competitive environment at the moment on my region, with the top factions staying top just because they dedicate more time and money to the game than others. Weekend events aren’t my favourite and I don’t spend long enough in war to ever be in a top faction. so I try to look on this from both the players side wanting good prizes, but also from how scopely as a business might want to structure prizes.

the only reason I dont think we will see unique characters as war rewards for a while, is that they have told us how long it takes to design a character, and all new characters now have to have twice the time spent on them to design the 5* and 6* version, and I think that has caused some problems in getting enough toons out quick enough to be able to use them for rewards like they used to.