Ascendance Help Scopes


@Shawn.Scopely @kalishane
Can we please get more of 5* trainers somehow and faster please i got 3 new 5* fullyed maxed and need 8* 5s we need more Benedict’s i want my new 6 rick badly ;(


Now everyone look at Rick: Lone Rangering it like a Boss.


I managed to get two Bennys in a row with the trainer bags. What would help is to have trainer bags be the milestone for events involving trainer rewards instead of going from Burt to Brady to Basil and so on.

Of course, this is just a suggestion that is more personal as I know it will fall on deaf ears.


the 4th and 5th milestones in many events are bene… there should be a lot available… also all the 5* tokens and any dupes… burn the dupes. when its raiding time, raid to 4200, just 35 refills… sr tourney, finish it… in war, war like you mean it… the more you do the more bene you will get. I only pulled one from the war milestone trainer bags, got my 100k tho.


I had enougth fooder 5* for 2 6*, but I completly out of Silber Ascendance medals. 1k are Left…