Ascendance Cadance (with poll)


Just so we are clear On what i am talking about.
February- Eugene and Gator
January - Glenn
December Joshua, Rick
November -NONE
October- Siddiq,Shane

So over the past 5 months we have had exactly 8 Legacy Ascendable characters.
Also in that time we have had 28 New Characters designed by scratch (3 have been given out)(and tara), this cadence rate is appalling you have hundreds of legacy characters and at this rate we will see them all finally finished in well over 10 years which is unacceptable,
we will also see at least 672 new 6* in the same amount of time ( assuming theres only 100 more 5* to make the jump)

I cant stress this enough we need diversity , hiding every character behind a paywall is killing this game, Ive lost track of how many people in my region run the same team or slight variations (Carl lead/ vincent , zeke, wyatt, vincent/maggie,shiva/glenn)

I appreciate you think new premiers are more important but please average one premier for one legacy toon , i dont think thats to much to ask, especially as most the toons waiting for ascendance are premiers you have sold to us before.

What do you think of the current Cadance rate

  • To fast
  • Keep same pace
  • To slow

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Good one whisperer! For a scond there i thought that was an actual Scopely response! Lol very nicely worded!



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