Ascendance and Legendary Medals Please

I have spent yet am not able to ascend.
How about giving us more of what we need instead of what we do not need?
Please please some medals so we can progress accordingly. And no I will not spend to get these. never ever!


Agreed these are way too restrictive. I can’t even ascend any more 4s or ill fall under what I need when I want to ascend a 5s.

We need a steady income of the Ascendance medals. It already for 8 toons to ascend, isn’t that enough of a bottle neck.

This game economy is terrible. Restrict everything.


Survival Road Depot

Do the math on SR depot… it will take me 3 years to collect what i need,

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Yeah… what a value.



It was a joke because this crate is a joke xD


Agreed it is a joke


You didn’t read the disclaimer that said

Buy promotional offers for 0.01% chance at acquiring your target toon.

Buy 8 other toons to feed to you newly acquired promo

Buy Ascendance tokens so you can get that new 6s

Buy lilith so you can use their rush at full strength

Buy adens so you can make use of their actives

buy gear so you can see them at full strength

Total cost $2,000.00

Congrats on powering up your new toon, now here’s a new promo.

Keep on surviving.


I too have been buying since day one. Simply not enough and out of sync with regards allowing us to ascend in line with their promos. There is zero consideration around balance. The irony is that if they put thought into that they would make more cash and have a happier player base. They just do not get it.

It makes little sense to pull right now when you can’t even ascend what you have. Very frustrating- lack of legendary medals, gear and trainers.


Stop spreading the truth sir

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I’m glad I utilized the kings treasury box when ascension just came out because I know what scopely are like, still sitting on 2 million silver and 2000 of the other and I have ascended 5 6 stars already.

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Yes im so desperate for the silver ascendance medals also, and that crate could seriously double each of those amounts and would still take way too long. Im not pulling any time soon because i simply cant ascend the 4 toons i have waiting let alone another.

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I’ve ascended 9 6stars, and countless 4 and 3 stars. Finally running low on medals, definitely need to.make them more readily available

I’ll take medals but really only need t4 gear.


And I remember all the complaints on the forum saying please no more medals. lol

How many have you ascended so far?

I remember them to, people need to remember it’s scopely, they give you chances in the beginning and if you don’t take them then you end up having to pay, what I remember clearly about that box is is what the only collection I didn’t get a message for and only because I checked the museum I never would have found it.

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Same thing happened more recently with Benedicts/trainers and will happen again with 5* tokens in the new year. Take what they give you and manage the resources.

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Your math struck me odd when I 1st read it. Wouldn’t it take approx 10 months to get the ascendancy medals for 5 6*’s if you only bought the crate? To get enough medals for a new 6* every 2 months seems quite reasonable given the hoops we used to jump through for 5*’s.