Ascendance and legendary medals are being sold by vk



How to buy ?? I want buy it!!!


Go to the VK Facebook page, join their group for this game, prepare your credit card. You’ll be glad you made the right choice. :wink:


No comment.


Sir. Don’t you and others who create threads about VK know that you’re doing more harm to the community by giving them exposure? Every time y’all post that crap, you’re just bring more to the site, and that is why I blame the community for the hacker issues not being fixed. If people stop bringing up VK site, then maybe people wouldn’t be going there anymore. :rage:


P. S

Please don’t buy from them. You’ll end up getting banned.


More harm than scopes doing jack shit against hackers/cheaters?


a rip off Lol $50 for 300>?


Sounds like something a certain company would also do.


They are doing the best they can, but bringing up hack threads is doing nothing, but giving them exposure and more buyers. Lmao.


You are funny, thanks for the laugh.


Whatever man. Enjoy the hackers in the game. :slight_smile:


You seem to enjoy them quite a lot, since we all should be hush-hush about these things and pretend they don’t exist.




Wrong I don’t enjoy them. I’m simply just a messager trying suggest that people shouldn’t bring them up since they’re doing more harm than good. Just report the hackers to shane and the leaders through pm and they’ll take it back to the team. Smh. Lmao


Once this group posted a GG hack it got fixed. They actually started their business to draw Scopely attention to a hacking and cheating problems


Yes I should totally report a random hacker from vk who sells game items, and I’m sure they’ll be stopped by the “leaders”, when specialized departments don’t seem to work too hard on fighting hackers. Flawless logic there, sport.


I meant the hackers in game, but okay. XD


Why do y’all always claim someone’s trolling? Im trying to be optimistic here, and just help the community stop giving VK potential buyers, but nonetheless. Nobody agrees with me, so I guess I failed to reason with everyone.


Read up man. Someone said they did fix a hacker problem before, so what are ya talking about mate?