Ascendable tyreese in the supply depot

I’ve been waiting for ascendable tyreese to be in the supply depot for 6 MONTHS and I still didn’t get him, I’ve saved enough supply points to get him but this is seriously annoying I’ve refreshed the depot many times but every time I just don’t get him, is there a damn reason for me not getting him or am I the unluckiest guy in the world cuz I’ve been waiting for so long and I really want him so bad.


They updated he may not be there now

He’s still in there, there are just a lot more toons in there now:

Andrea - ‘A Larger World’ [5 star Tough] soon™
Andrea [5 star Alert]
Annie [5 star Fast]
Brianna - ‘March to War’ [5 star Fast]
Carson - ‘Life and Death’ [5 star Fast]
Clementine - ‘All That Remains’ [5 star Alert]
Davie [5 star Strong]
Duane [5 star Fast] soon™
Dwight - ‘All Out War’ [5 star Strong]
Eric - ‘All Out War’ [5 star Tough]
Ezekiel - ‘Life and Death’ [5 star Strong]
Ezekiel [5 star Strong]
Glenn - ‘A Larger World’ [5 star Strong]
Karlson [5 star Tough]
Larry - ‘Telltale Special Edition’ [5 star Strong]
Lori - ‘Made to Suffer’ [5 star Tough]
Maggie - ‘All Out War’ [5 star Tough] soon™
Michonne - ‘Road to Survival #3’ [5 star Alert]
Morgan - ‘Days Gone Bye’ [5 star Strong]
Morgan - ‘Morgan Special’ [5 star Tough]
Morgan [5 star Fast]
Rick - ‘Safety Behind Bars’ [5 star Alert]
Scout [5 star Alert]
Skylar [5 star Strong]
Sophia - ‘All Out War’ [5 star Fast]
The Governor - ‘The Calm Before’ [5 star Alert]
The Wanderer [5 star Alert] soon™
Tyreese - ‘Miles Behind Us’ [5 star Fast]
Tyreese - ‘Road to Survival #1’ [5 star Tough]

I feel your pain. I’ve been waiting for Andrea for about 6 months. It’s just one of those nuisance things with RNG. Ty is also available in other ways, like I think 5* tokens. Good luck.

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He’s in my SD right now, so definitely still available. But now there’s lots more available so the potential wait could be longer :disappointed_relieved:

Same situation here

It’s all RNG mate. I bought my Ty from the depo months ago and then got another via 5* tokens recently. Andrea is the one I’m looking for atm and I haven’t seen her there in well over 6 months. Just gotta keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Go click on blue Andrea she’s no where to be found this updated list has been changed

Blue ascendable tye is in sd and 5s token wheel

Ironic thing is, I got him from prestige wheel a few hours ago.

Does Wanderer ever pop up? I’ve used 2k coins in refreshing.

Someone in my faction got him from there so yes.

She’s in my store.

Yes he does. I bought him from the depo very recently, as did a faction mate.

got andy in mine

Bought duane on super sale he is on the new accendables list

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pretty sure thats the wrong one :-1:

That’s the right one, he is in mine as well but I don’t have enough points to buy him, I have a week to get the points tho

I checked before i bought him. Its the group stun duane. Its the right one.

i didnt realise he was in there. i thought it was just the days gone bye one