Ascendable toons


Please ffs scopely either 1 release some acendable toons from the list or give us gear to t4 the ones we have these constant lvl ups have bled me dry not of food or 2* but of toons to lvl you have to do something as I’m getting extremely close to uninstalling the game die to boredom I mean really come on crap rewards for every event and now you expect us to go ham with the cc so we buy the toons only to get them to t3 at best I think scopely knows this game is dead and is just trying to bleed every dime they can while it lasts


Wait, do you not have the gear that the dog leashes give you as a requirement for your legendaries? My T3 Lee needs (almost exclusively) gear from those collections.


Holy moly, just noticed when this was posted! Back away slowly, let it die, let it die…


XD November 17 XD


Yeah, just noticed it. Whoops!


This actually made me laugh in public.



“Wow 2017 was like a year ago!”


Hehe see another laugh


Just goes to show how little has changed in almost a years time. They are always starving us for something in the game in a lame attempt to force spending for the ones who cant wait and have to have it now.